The unexpected does happen sometimes – me writing a blog post.

Hi all.

I can’t remember without looking when I last wrote in here, but it feels like a decade ago. I haven’t been in the mood to blog, and nothing really interesting has happened worth blogging about until the other month.

For Quite a while, I’ve been following the Twitter presence of StyleAble, a fashion blog mainly aimed at Blind/VI women (there is a small men’s section too). It helps to shatter the myth that, because we are blind, we can’t look beautiful, or that we can’t make informed fashion choices ourselves.

The other month, Kiesha Meikle, Meikle</a>, StyleAble’s founder posted a photo of her favourite shoes on twitter, and asked us all to do the same. As I also love shoes, I decided to do likewise. Kiesha loved the pic, and asked if I could do a review of them for the website. However, I thought I’d go one better and write a review of the online boutique where I bought them from instead.
Still I wasn’t sure if I’d be up for the task since I’ve never written any fashion related reviews before, so She e-mailed me simply asking me to tell her about the website.

I was conscious that whatever I sent back could end up appearing up on StyleAble, so I gave it my best shot and was as descriptive as possible and it paid off. Kiesha loved my review and to my surprise, it was published a few days later.
You can read it by clicking here.

Even more surprising to me, she has created my own section – “Kara’s ‘I love shoes’ reviews” and gave me my first assignment about a week or so later.
I’ve since then completed it, and also submitted a small bio and photo for the “about” section of the site.
This review has now been published, and you can read it by clicking here.

I have no idea where this could lead to, if anywhere. I’m just proud to be a member of the team, and of course I’m out as being trans.

I think this wraps it all up for now, so see you whenever I do another blog post. It could be next week, or next decade. Who knows. 🙂


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Kara Louise

A 30something trans woman trying to make the best of life. Oh, I'm Also blind.

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